Project Description


(coated tablet, 0,2 g) Tabulettae Riboxini 0,2

international nonproprietary name




Pharmacotherapeutic group

Metabolic process regulating agents

Composition of the preparation

1 tablet contain 200 mg of riboxin (inosine).

Pharmacological action


The medication has antihypoxic, antiarrhythmic and anabolic actions.

Riboxin is ATP precursor, it is stimulate reductive-oxidative processes in the cell, raise myocardium energy balance, improve coronary circulation, raise pharmacological protection of kidneys what was suffer from ischemia during the operation. Preparation reduces thrombocyte aggregation, activates tissue regeneration (particularly myocardium and mucous tunic of gastrointestinal tract).


Preparation is well absorbed in gastrointestinal tract. It is metabolized in liver with formation of glucuronic acid what is oxidizing consequently. In small amountremoved with urine.


Riboxin is used in case of ischemic heart-disease (cardiac infarction, chronic coronary deficiency); cardiomyopathyes of different genesis, rhythm disturbances, caused by cardiac glycosides usage, dystrophic changes of myocardium after exercise stress and infectious diseases or through endocrine disturbances.

Riboxin is used also in patients with liver diseases (cirrhosis, acute, chronic hepatitis) and urocoproporfiry.

Furthermore, riboxin is used during the operations on ischemic kidney as pharmacological remedy for protection, when circulation of operated organ is temporarily stopped, as well as for leukopenia precautions after radioactive irradiation.

special indication

Not established

special warning

Not established

Dosage and method of administration

Riboxin tablets used inside before the meal in daily dose of 0,6 – 2,4 g. At first preparation prescribed of 0,6 – 0,8 g daily (at 0,2g for 3 – 4 times per day), then in case of side effects absence for 2 – 3 days dosage increased for 1,2 g (at 0,4g for 3 times per day), 1,6 g (at 0,4g for 4 times per day) or to 2,4 g (at 0,4g for 6 times per day). Course of treatment lasts within a limited period from one to three months.

In case of uroproporfiry riboxin used in daily dose of 0,8g (at 0,2g 4 times per day) during the period of 1 – 3 months.


Not established

safety measures

Drug should be used carefully in case of patient with renal insufficiency.

Side effects

During the riboxin application an individual intolerance could appear. In this case the application of medication should be stopped.


Hypersensitivity, podagra.

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

Not established

The form of release

Tablets with an enterosoluble coating, per 200 mg. Per 50 tablets in vial. Blister sheet of 10 tablets. Package of 5 blister sheet.