Project Description

Ointment Nucleavir

Unguentum «Nucleavir»

international nonproprietary name

Not established



Pharmacotherapeutic group

Antiviral (antiherpetic) agent..

Composition of the preparation

1 g of ointment contains 50 mg of cyclocitidinehydrophosphate.

Pharmacological action


The agent of ointment Nucleavir is cyclocitidinehydrophosphate, synthetic analogue of purine nucleoside that is active to the human herpes viruses, including Herpes simplex of types 1 and 2, virus Varicella Zoster. The medication is effective in case of the pathogen resistance to acyclovir and phosphonoacetic acid. It has a direct virus-inhibitory action providing a complete blockade of the virus in the pathologic nidus. It reduces itching, hypostasis, skin and mucous hyperemia, as well as prevents new elements of rush, reduces the probability of skin dissemination and visceral complications and accelerates  crustation. The medication reduces aching on using in the acute phase of zoster.


On using the ointment Nucleavir the agent (cyclocitidinehydrophosphate) practically does not get into the systemic blood flow.


Ointment Nucleavir shall be used in case of skin and mucous infections brought on by herpes simplex virus, comprising primary and genital herpes recidivicus; in case of primary and recurrent infections brought on by zoster virus in patients without dysimmunity.

The medication is especially effective in patients with chronic recurrent course of herpes virus infection, incase of resistance to standard antiherpetic therapy.

special indication

Treatment shall be started on the first symptoms of the disease.

special warning

Not established

Dosage and method of administration

Themedicationshallbeappliedontothelesionfocusfivetimesevery 4 hours. The duration of treatment in patients with simple herpes febrilis (Herpes simplex) and genital herpes (Herpes genitalis)is not less than 7 – 14 days, and in zoster patients (Herpes zoster) —  14 — 21 days.

The treatment shall be continued for three more days after disappearance of symptoms.

Oitment Nucleavir shall not be used to treat ophthalmoherpes and other eye diseases.


Cases of overdosing on using the ointment Nucleavir have not been specified.

safety measures

Not established

Side effects

As a rule, negative effects of the medication use have not been registered. In rare cases allergic reaction is possible (skin eruption, itching) that disappear after the treatment termination.


High individual sensitivity to the medication.

Due to the fact that the corresponding tests on humans were not carried out, there is a potential risk that side effects can develop in pregnant and nursing patients. In this connection the medication is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation (breast-feeding shall be stopped during the treatment).

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

Ointment Nucleavir shall be prescribed together with zinc ointment, brilliant ethyl green 2% solution. No negative effects have been registered on simultaneous use with benzylpenicillin (as sodium and novociane salt), clarithromycin, metronidazole, metamizole, acetylsalicinic acid, aloe, Fibs, B1, B6, C vitamines.

The form of release

Ointment 5% in tubes 5 g or 10 g each.