Project Description

Chondroitin sulfate, 0,25 g capsules

Capsulae Chondroitini sulfatis

international nonproprietary name

Chondroitin sulfate – Chondroitin sulfate.



Pharmacotherapeutic group

Corrector of osteal and cartilaginous tissue metabolism.

Composition of the preparation

1 capsule contains 250 mg of chondroitin sulfate.

Pharmacological action


Chondroitin sulfate is the basic component of proteoglycans, that makes up together with collagenous fibers a cartilaginous matrix. It possesses chondroprotective properties; inhibits activity  of enzymes causing degradation of an articular cartilage; stimulates development of proteoglycans by chondrocytes; increases metabolic processes in cartilage and  subchondral bone; influences on phosphorous -calcium metabolism in cartilaginous tissue, stimulates its neogenesis, participates in construction of the basic substance of osteal and cartilaginous tissue. Chondroitin sulfate possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, promotes decrease of release of mediators of inflammation and painful factors through synoviocytes and macrophages of synovial membrane in synovial fluid, suppresses secretion of leukotriene B4and prostaglandin E2. The preparation promotes restoration of articular bursa of cartilaginous{ surfaces of joints, prevents from compression of connective tissue, carries out a role of joint surfaces greasing; normalizes production of intraarticular liquid, improves joints mobility. Improves quality of life.


After intake the maximal concentration of the preparation in plasma(Cmax)is reached through 3-4 h, in synovial fluid through 4-5 h. Bioavailability is about 13 %. The preparation is eliminated from an organism mainly by kidneys during 24 h.


Preparation is administrated at degenerative diseases of joints and backbone, primary arthrosis, intervertebral osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, osteoporosis, fractures of extremities, periodontopathy.

special indication

The clinical effect at the preparation intake is reached slowly; however, it is persist for a long time within several months after the termination of treatment course. For the prevention of exacerbations the refresher courses of treatment are indicated.

special warning

Not established

Dosage and method of administration

Preparation is taken per orally, washing down with a small amount of water. It administrated to the adults in a dose of 750 mg (3 capsules per 0,25 g) 2 times a day for the first 3 weeks, further in a dose of 500 mg (2 capsules per 0,25 g) 2 times a day.

Duration of treatment course is 4-5 weeks; at various forms of periodontopathy – not less than for 3 months. Refresher course of treatment – in 6 months.


The phenomena of overdosage at reception of the preparation are not described.

safety measures

At allergic reactions or hemorrhages the treatment should be withdrawn.

Side effects

At reception of the preparation allergic reactions, hemorrhages are possible.


Hypersensitivity to chondroitin sulfate, predilection to bleeding sickness, thrombophlebites, pregnancy, breast feeding (for the period of treatment breast feeding should be stopped).

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

At combined application with anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac sodium, etc.) the preparation allows to decrease a dose of the last drugs.

The form of release

250 mg capsules.  20 capsules in blisters, 20 capsules in vials.