Project Description


ointment – Unguentum «Chondroart»

international nonproprietary name

Chondroitin sulfate. Diclofenac. Dimethyl sulfoxide

Chondroitin sulfate. Diclofenac. Dimethyl sulfoxide



Pharmacotherapeutic group

Corrector of osteal and cartilaginous tissue metabolism. The preparation for external application at painful syndrome at diseases of musculoskeletal   system. Nonsteroid antiinflammatory agent for external application.

Composition of the preparation

100 g of ointment contains:active substances:chondroitin sulfate (in recalculation to 100 % substance) – 5,0 g, diclofenac sodium (in recalculation to 100 % substance) – 5,0 g, dimethyl sulfoxide – 10,0 g,

Additives: Lanolin anhydrous, pentol, stearic acid, treated water, medical vaseline.

Pharmacological action


Chondroitin sulfateis a high-molecular mucopolysaccharide decreasing bone tissues resorption and reducing a loss of calcium. It improves phosphorous -calcium metabolism in cartilaginous tissue, accelerates the processes of its  restoration, inhibits the processes of cartilaginous tissue degeneration. It prevents from a collapse of connective tissue; inhibits the enzymes causing a lesion of cartilaginous tissue, stimulates synthesis of glucosamine glycanes. Promotes restoration of articulate bursa and cartilaginous surfaces of joints, prevents from compression of connective tissue, carries out a role of joint surfaces greasing; normalizes production of intraarticular liquid. Reduces morbidity and enlarges mobility of the affected joints. Slows down progression of osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis. Improves quality of life.

Diclofenac sodiumis referred to nonsteroid antiinflammatory agents (NSAID), it is an inhibitor of prostaglandin biosynthesis. It relaxes a pain at a rest and at movement, morning stiffness, joints tumescence, improves their functional ability. Quickly relaxes both a spontaneous pain, and an oxycinesia, reduces inflammatory edema.

Dimethyl sulfoxideas a part of the ointmentform has anti-inflammatory, analgetic and fibrinolitic effect, promotes the best penetration of active substances (chondroitin sulfate and diclofenac) through cellular membranes.


At application of ointment on the intact skin chondroitin sulfate and diclofenac are absorbed poorly and do not have the expressed systemic action. The dimethyl sulfoxide with high rate gets through biological membranes, including the intact skin, mucous, environment of microbial cells. The products of metabolism are eliminated with urine and faeces, and also through lungs and skin.


It is necessary to apply the ointment on the intact sites of skin. It is necessary to avoid the ointment getting into eyes, on mucosa and open wounds.

special indication

It is necessary to apply the ointment on the intact sites of skin. It is necessary to avoid the ointment getting into eyes, on mucosa and open wounds.

special warning

Not established

Dosage and method of administration

Ointment is applied externally 2-3 times a day on the area of affected joint at the concentration of 1-2 gper 100-200 cm2of skin and is softly rubbed up to complete absorption. The column of ointment in 1 cm which have been squeezed out from a tuba corresponds to 0,3 g.


The phenomena of overdosage at application of the preparation are not described.

safety measures

The special safety measures are not required at application of «Cchondroart » ointment.

Side effects

In rare cases allergic reactions, hyperemia and itch are possible. At occurrence of allergic reactions the treatment by the preparation should be withdrawn, it is necessary to carry out the desensitizing therapy in case of sharp reddening and itch.


Hypersensitivity, predilection to bleeding sickness, thrombophlebites, pregnancy, the period of lactation.

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

The cases of negative medicinal interaction at administration of «Cchondroart » ointment on a background of therapy by other medical products included in the standard schemes of joints and backbone degenerative diseases treatment are not established.

The form of release

25g in aluminium tubas. Each tuba together with the instruction on application is placed in cardboard pack.