Project Description

Bactolact 5 doses

– Bactolactum

international nonproprietary name

Not established



Pharmacotherapeutic group

The preparations of biological origin regulating of equilibrium of intestinal microflora. The preparations containing microorganisms, producing lactic acid.

Composition of the preparation

Frozen-dried culture of lactic bacteria living cells of 95/25 strain Lactobacillus acidophilus. 1 vial contains 5 doses. The dry powder contains not less than 108living cells of lactobacilli in one dose.

Pharmacological action

Bactolact is referred to a group of eubiotics – the biogenic preparations representing frozen-dried mass of alive microorganisms, usually living in man intestine. They are administrated at intestinal dysfunctions for prophylaxis and treatment of dysbacteriosis resulting from predominant multiplication of pathogenic microflora against the background of immunity suppression and weakening of protection nonspecific factors of macroorganism. The most frequent reason of dysbacteriosis is long application of antibiotics of wide spectrum action, suppressing development of intestine normal microflora and glucocorticosteroids, and also influence of the ionizing radiation, disturbing immunobiological reactivity of an organism. The aim of eubiotics administration at dysbacteriosis is that frozen-dried bacteria revive at coming to an intestine, quickly reproduce and create in it normal biocenosis by competitive suppression of pathogenic microflora growth. Bactolact medicinal preparation possesses high antagonistic activity in relation to pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora of an intestine (to staphylococcuses, pseudomonads, clebsiellas, salmonellas, shigella, proteus, to enteropathogenic E. coli) and restores the disturbed biocenosis of gastrointestinaltract. It is shown, that it also possesses ability to activate production of interferon and to normalize nonspecific resistance of an organism.


Bactolact is indicated for adults and children, including newborn and prematurely born. It is used for treatment of patients with dysbacteriosis, at chronic enteritises and colitises, and also in the patients who have suffered from acute intestinal infections. Bactolact is administrated also for treatment of patients with long-term intestinal dysfunctions of unstated etiology.

For prophylaxis of dysbacteriosis the preparation should be administrated after long-term antibiotic-, chemo- and radio- therapy.

Unlike many eubiotics Bactolact is possible to administrate for patients on a background of continued antibioticotherapia.

The preparation is effective as a preventive agent at early infants transfer to artificial feeding or donor milk feeding.

special indication

Not established

special warning

Not established

Dosage and method of administration

Bactolact is intended for per orally application.

Before application the vials should be opened and their content should be dissolved in boiled water of a room temperature at concentration of 1 table spoon of water per one vial. The preparation is dissolved in 5 minutes with formation of cream homogeneous suspension with a sour-milk smell. Then contents should be transferred to a glass with water (milk), mixed and drunk.

Bactolact is necessary to apply in 30 minutes before meal or betweenfood intakes and it is desirable totake milk after it.

It is recommended for adults per 5-10 doses of the preparation 3 times a day. At administration less than 15 Bactolact doses in a day the efficiency of treatment considerably decreases.

1-2 Bactolact doses 3 times a day is administrated to newborns.

To children of the first half-year of life the preparation is administrated per 3 doses 3 times a day.

To children of the second half-year of life – per 5 doses 3 times a day.

To children elder than one year – per 5-10 doses 3 times a day.

Duration of the preparation course of treatment is from 10 days to 1,5 months.


There no information about cases of the preparation overdosage.

safety measures

Not established

Side effects

At Bactolact application side effects are not determined.


Contraindications to Bactolact application are not established.

Interactions with other medicinal preparations

Bactolact is possible to apply together with other medicinal preparations.

At Bactolact treatment it is necessary to avoid the use of food with phytoncyde activity (garlic, onion). The used 95/25 strain-producer is resistant to action of antimicrobial preparations (oxacillin, chloramfenicol); poorly sensitive to ceclor, norfloxacin, polymyxin.

The form of release

Per 5 doses in vials. A vial with the instruction on application is placed in a pack.

Packing for hospitals:40 vials with corresponding instructions on application in group box.